A Cricket Match Paragraph Writing

A Cricket Match Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-a friendly match between two teams-toss-opening pair made good score- others not up to the mark-268 for 8 wickets-lunch-opponent bating-captain made good score-others failed-236 for all-end.

A Cricket Match

Cricket is called ‘the king of games’. But it is no longer a game of the kings. The other day our team played a friendly match with our neighbouring team named Sporting Club. It was a one day match played at our school ground. There were eleven players on each side. Sporting Club won the toss and started to bat on a good wicket. The opening pair started boldly. They made 90 runs in 80 minutes. The performance of the other players was not upto the mark. Sporting club made 268 runs for 8 wickets. After lunch our team started to bat. Our opponent started to bowling very fast and in good length. The spectators were really enjoying the delightful batting of our captain. He made 46 runs with four sixes. He misjudged the flight of a ball, hit it hard and was out to a catch behind the wicket. The next players could not improve the run. We were able to score only 236 with all wickets down. Sporting team won the match. All people enjoyed the match. They returned home talking about the game.

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