A Festival Paragraph WritingParagraph Writing

A Festival Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-Durga puja-worshipped for 3 days for strength and power-decorated pandals-crowd visits pandals-an occasion of union 4th day immersion business brisk-a great joy and merry-making.

A Festival


Durga Puja is the greatest festival of Bengal. It is held in autumn. Goddess Durga and her children are worshipped for three days. She is the symbol of strength and power. This festival symbolises the victory of good over evil. This puja is performed with great pomp and purity. The images are decorated and placed in pompous pandals. Thousands of men, women and children in their best or new dresses come out in the streets and visit the images in the decorated pandals. The stream of men and women move from one pandal to another till they are tired at late night. It is a grand occasion of family re-union, new dresses, feast and enjoyment. Even the poor forget their woes for these three days. On the fourth day the image is immersed in tanks or rivers with a feeling of great sadness. This puja is held in long holidays. It promotes purchases, sales, and brisk business throughout the state. It is the grand occasion of great joy and merry-making.

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