A Social Function Paragraph Writing

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A Social Function Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-meeting Place-tighten Relationship-marriage Ceremony-colourful Function Preparation Shopping Invitation Gate, Decoration-groom With Marriage Party-mantra-marital Knot-dinner-bride Leaves Next Day All Happy.

A Social Function

Jan Indian Wedding] Social Functions Have Great Importance. They Give Opportunity To Meet Our Rela- Tives At A Place. Joys And Sorrows Are Shared. An Indian Wedding Ceremony Is Such A Social Function. It Is Performed With Pomp. Preparation For The Ceremony Starts Before A Month Or Two Of The Wedding Day. Invitation Cards Are Sent To Relatives. Friends And Neighbours. On The Day Of Wedding A Pandal Or A Gate Is Decorated With Flowers, Lights, Etc. The Groom With The Marriage Party Arrives In Beautiful Dresses. They Are Warmly Received By The People Of Bride’s Side. The Sound Of Clarionet Fills The Air. The Marriage Is Performed Amid Mantras. The Bride And The Groom Garland Each Other And Are Tied In Marital Knot. The Invitees Are Served Delicious Dishes. On The Next Day The Bride Leaves Her Father’s House Along With Her Husband Amid Sobs And Cries. There Are Tears In Everyone’s Eyes, Yet All Are Happy That Marriage Has Been Held Happily. The Bride And The Groom Are Blessed By All To Start A New Life.

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