Blood Donation Paragraph Writing

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Blood Donation Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction (Divine Act)-vital Medicine During Emergency, Operation-shortage Of Blood Voluntary Organisation Collects Blood-sent To The Bank Donation Is Not Harmful To Doners-youth Should Come Forward.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Is A Divine Act. Drops Of Blood Can Save A Life Of A Dying Man. It Is A Vital Medicine To Save Life. We Need It In Case Of Emergency. Blood Is Considered Necessary At The Operation Table For The Patient. As The Incidences Of Accidents Are On The Increase, We Suffer A Shortage Of Blood. The Guardians Of The Patients Are To Rush To The Blood Bank Where Blood Is Preserved. To Supply Blood To The Banks Social Organisations Open Camps To Collect Blood From The Youth. The Blood Of The Doner Is Tested, Grouped And Drawn By The Doctors Under Clinical Care. Blood Thus Collected Is Immediately Sent To The Bank To Meet The Need Of The Patient. A Person Donating Blood Can Safely Donate Blood Again After Six Months. Blood Donation Does Not Harm The Doner. Blood Is Formed Soon In The Body. So The Young Boys And Girls Of Our Society, Should Come Forward To Save The Life Of Their Fellow- Men. It Is Divine To Donate, Sin To Refuse. For, Your Blood Saves A Human Life.

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