Computer Paragraph Writing

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Computer Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction difficult calculation-store data-speed and accuracy-used in schools, colleges. Libraries, hospitals, banks speedy transaction reservation telecommunication-research work-conclusion.


Computer is the latest miracle of science. It can solve lots of calculations in a moment. It can store millions of information in its memory. The main feature of the computer is speed and accuracy. It will dominate the 21st century. Now, computers are used in schools, colleges, banks, government offices, hospitals, libraries and shops. The banks use it for speedy service to their customers. Railway and airlines tickets are reserved with the help of computers. In factories, computers are used to save manual labor and quality control. Doctors take its help in diagnosing diseases and for medical tests. We can contact any person any time in any part of the world through advanced computers. Scientific research work is now done with the help of computers. Space research has now reached a new dimension. Days will come when computer will do everything for us. We should keep one thing in mind that it should be used to improve employment opportunities and not to curtail them.

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