Flood Paragraph Writing

Flood Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-continuous rain-release of water from dams damage life and property- houses collapse posts uprooted-men, cattle sweep away-shelter in public building- rescue and relief work-food, cloth supplied-makes the land fertile.


Flood is Nature’s fury. It is one of the great natural disaster. It mainly occurs in the rainy season. Continuous heavy rain causes the rivers, canals and ponds to swell up. They overflow the banks on either side. Sometimes flood occurs due to excessive release of water from dams and barrages. Flood causes a great damage to life and property. The huts, the thatched ones and occasionally the buildings collapse under current of water. Trees and posts are uprooted. Crops are destroyed. Flood sweeps away men, cattle and everything in its way. The homeless people take shelter in the high public places. After-effect of flood is also dreadful. Drinking water becomes polluted. As a result cholera, dysentery, fever, etc. break out. The Government and different social welfare organisations start relief and rescue operations. Dry food, clothes and medicines are provided to the people of flood hit areas. Though flood is a great evil, it makes the farm-lands fertile.

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