Friendship Paragraph Writing

Friendship Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction (Needs Friends)-friends To Gladden Him-constant Companion-happiness Increased With Firends Sadness Shared-bond Between Two Persons-true Friendship Rare-based On Commonness Of Taste Stick Even In Danger-never Jealous-careful In Selecting Friends Honest, Faithful-avoid Fair-weather Friends.


Man Needs Friends. He Wants Parents For Love And Protection. He Requires Relatives For Delight Him In Reunion. But He Needs Friends To Gladden Him By His Constant Companion. Man Is A Social Animal. He Cannot Live Alone. His Happiness Is Increased In The Company Of His Friend. His Sadness Is Shared By Him. Friendship Is A Bond Between Two Human Beings. It Makes Both Of Them Happier Beings. It Is Based On Mutual Attraction. But True Friends Are Rare. There Are Men And Men But Every Stone Is Not A Gem.’ Friendship Rests On Commonness Of Taste. True Friendship Is Based On Love. It Is Everlasting. True Friends Stick To Each Other Even In Danger. Time And Distance Cannot Separate Them. A Friend Rejoices At His Friend’s Happiness. He Is Never Jealous Of His Success. He Stands By His Friend In Sorrows And Sufferings. We Must Be Careful About Selecting Our Friends. Friends Must Be Honest, Sincere And Faithful. We Must Be Aware Of Fair-weather Friends. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

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