My Daily Life Paragrpah Writing

My Daily Life Paragrpah Writing Hints: Introduction-get up at 5-brush and wash-breakfast and study till 9-30am-bath, meal and start for school- at school attentive, difficulty get explained, playing during break-back home, tiffin, play in the ground-at night read up to 11-meal and TV.

My Daily Life

I am a student and I follow a routine. I get out of bed at about 5 o’clock in the morning. Then I brush and go to the wash. Next, I sit down to study. Soon mother sends for me to have my breakfast. I continue my study till 9-30 a.m. and complete my hometask. Then I take my bath, have my meal and walk to school. I drop in the class at ten minutes to 11 a.m. Our school works till 4 p.m. At school I am serious, sincere and attentive to what the teachers teach. If I feel any difficulty, I get it explained clearly in the school. In the off-period I spend my time reading dailies in the library. Sometimes I play with my classmates during short break. Our school breaks up at 4. Back home, I take some tiffin and go to the ground to play with my friends. In the evening I sit at my lessons and study up to 11 o’clock. Before that I have my supper at 9 p.m. and watch the TV news only. At 11 at night I am in bed and soon I fall asleep. My routine on holidays is however otherwise.

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