My Hobby Paragraph Writing

My Hobby Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction started- how and when you do it-who helps you-how it benefits you.

My Hobby

Hobby is a voluntary work done during leisure. It is love’s labor. I have a hobby. We have a piece of open land close to our kitchen. I got into the habit of working there when I was twelve. Every afternoon I work for an hour in the garden. I use a spade to turn over the soil and level the land. I sow some seeds. In a week they come up. Gradually they grow. The wastewater of the kitchen is drained out through the garden. I tend the plants and water them regularly. Their growth, colors and fruits fill my heart with joy. On Sundays, I sit for hours in the looking at the my work. They pay for the seeds and manure. At times mother plucks vegetables for cooking. Besides I plant some flowers plants around the garden. My hobby pleases me and pays my family. It combines pleasure with profit. It develops a sense of beauty and joy in nature.

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