My Likes And Dislikes Paragraph Writing

My Likes And Dislikes Hints: Introduction- likes, other dislike I like playing cricket-watching TV-like to travel by train- collecting pictures of great players-sweets-dislike early rising text books-examinations conclusion.

My Likes And Dislikes

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I have some likes. They may be another man’s dislikes. I like to play cricket, read detective stories and watch stories on TV. I like the games cricket and football . While playing I do not feel hungry or tired. I think I can play all the day. I like to meet my friends very often. I also like travelling by train. I enjoyed some pleasant journeys with my parents. I like to collect pictures of great players from newspapers. I keep a number of pictures of various poses of the same person. Among foods I prefer sweets to meat. Unfortunately, I dislike early rising. My love for the morning dose of sleep is deep. When I sit down to study I dislike the text books. They seem to be so dull. I dislike my elders being always after me because of my studies. Whenever I read a story book my mother is there to tell me to take up a text book. Above all I dislike exams. I feel that the student life would have been a heaven if there were no exams.

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