Noise Pollution Pargraph Writing

Hints: Introduction-nuisance In Cities Cause-electric Horns, Microphones, Bursting Crackers- Effect, Increases Blood Pressure, Madness, Disturb Sleep, Study, Deafens Hearing, Anxiety-measure- People Be Aware-use Of Loudspeakers, Crackers Be Reduced-government Action.

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Is A Problem Of Modern Life. It Is A Great Nuisance In The Cities. It Is Causing Much Concern All Over The World. The Sound Pollution Is Mainly Caused By The Use Of Electric Horns By The Cars. Indiscriminate Use Of Microphones During The Religious Festivals, Social Functions And Political Gatherings Bring About Acute Sound Pollution. It Is Also Owing To Bursting Of Crackers And Other Fireworks. The Effects Of Sound Pollution Are Dreadful. It Increases Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Deafness And Madness. Noise Pollution Disturbs People In Their Sleep. It Affects Heart Patients And Children. It Disturbs The Students At Their Studies. It Deafens Our Sense Of Hearing. It Also Increases Anxiety And Tension. Noise Is Now An Aggression On Peace. This Grave Problem Must Be Solved. People Are To Be Made Aware Of The Dangers Of Sound Pollution. The Use Of Electric Horns, Loud Speakers And Crackers Must Be Controlled. The Governmnet Should Take Adequate Measures To Tackle Sound Pollution.

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