Science in daily life Paragraph Writing

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Science in daily life Paragraph Writing Hints: introduction from morning till night (enjoy the gifts of science)-alarm clock, paste, brush, tap water, newspaper, soap, dress, oven for cooking, fans, heaters, cars, lifts, tv, video, cinema, phone, medicine cannot live without science conclusion.

Science in daily life

We enjoy the gifts of science in every step of our daily life. From morning till night we get the gifts. The alarm clock wakes us at any time we like. In the morning we do the teeth and wash with water flowing out of the tap. Newspaper gives us the news and views of the world. We take tiffin with toasted bread and butter. Fans beat the heat of the summer and the heater keeps us warm in winter. We heat and light our houses with the help of electricity. It is the greatest gift of science. With it, we cool our rooms, run the trams, trains and cars which carry us to the place of work. The lift takes us to the high rise offices and helps us to avoid the stairs. In the office we use stationery, stamps, pens and paper-all are gifts of science. In the evening we see the serial on tv. If we are ill, we have medicine to get relief. The computer, one of the greatest gifts of science, now regulates every sphere of our life. We cannot help taking the aid of science serves us like a faithful servant.

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