Smoking Pargraph Writing

Smoking Pargraph Writing Hints: Introduction-injurious habit-starts from school or college life–becomes addicted-smokers prone to diseases affects mouth, throat, other respiratory organs-heart troubles, blood pressure, paralysis–non smokers also suffer-waste of money-take oath not to smoke.


Smoking is a bad habit. It is injurious to health. This harmful habit is sometimes started from school life. The first cigarette is very distasteful to every new smoker. But soon the smoker gets used to it. He becomes addicted to smoking. He now cannot give up this habit. He becomes a slave of the cigarette. A boy starts smoking to display manliness. He imitates his heroes who smoke on the TV screen. Friends also encour- age each other to smoke. Smokers are prone to dangerous diseases. Tobacco truly contains poison. Smoking of tobacco affects the mouth, throat and other respiratory organs. This nasty habit also causes heart troubles. The cases of heart disease are very many among the smokers. Smoking causes blood pressure which is responsible for stroke, paralysis or death. Men and women around the smokers are also affected by the smoke. So when you smoke your family suffers. Smoking is a waste of money. It is harmful to family. So all smokers must take the oath not to smoke any more.

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