Storm Paragraph Writing

Storm Paragraph Writing Hints: introduction-seen in summer-costal areas 100 mph is harmful-water swells-boats, ships, trees, poles, towers destroyed-men homeless areas cut off continues for hours of destruction. Storm is strong winds with rain. It comes with clouds, lightning and thunder in summer.


Storm is strong winds with rain. It comes with clouds, lighting and thunder in summer. It causes a great loss to the people and the country. It visits most violently the coastal areas. A dark patch of clouds or a complete cover of dark clouds are seen in the sky. Storm comes slowly at first but soon it appears violently. A storm of 100 mph is very frequent and a terrible blow to the country. Sometimes water swells and sways the banks. The fishing boats sink in the sea, trees and poles are uprooted, huts and houses are blown off. Thousands of people become homeless. Many men are killed. Cattle are swayed away. Sometimes storm accompanies rain and thunder. The whole area gets cut off from the rest of the country. Storm usually continues for two to three hours and sometimes throughout the night. It leaves its marks of destruction in the village after village. The death and destruction of the people and property are seen scattered in the areas after a violent storm is stopped.

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