Television Paragraph Writing

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Television Paragraph Writing Hints: introduction-revolution in entertainment, communication and education-see games, cinema- enlarge knowledge educational values disadvantage-waste time-lazy-tells upon eyesight-bad scene students not be addicted.


Television is a wonder of science. We can see on the screen live programs which take place at far-off places. It has brought about a revolution in the areas of entertainment, communication and education. We can now watch a cricket match in our room. We need not go out to see a cinema. We can hear talks given by experts. It is used to popularise the government’s policy. It serves as a link between the state and the people. It is put to use to telecast educational programmes for the students. Dances, dramas, songs, scenery, and talks can attract us for hours together. We remain glued to TV. But too much time on TV makes us lazy and unsocial. TV mars reading habit of the student. It tells upon the eyesight of the youngsters. Students may fall into the habit of watching TV regularly. Some of the scenes shown during commercial breaks are not in good taste. It may please the people but it must spoil the children. Students must not be addicted to this idiot box.

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