The Handicapped Paragraph Writing

The Handicapped Paragraph Writing Hints: cases, accident-no fault of their own-organisations arranged training scholarship-problem partly solved.

The Handicapped

The handicapped are now known as physically challenged persons. They are unable to do normal work because of being disabled. We should remember that they are our own men who cannot be blamed for their disability. There are some who are born handicapped. But many of them are disabled by deadly diseases or by some accidents. And this misforture have turned their life to misery for no fault of their own. Now people have come to realise that the disabled are to be brought back to normal life. They will have to be helped to earn their living. With this end in view some social organisations, foundations, World Health Organisation (WHO) and the different countries have come forward to set up various projects. They give the disabled education, training and means of earning and entertainment. They are now encouraged to acquire self-confidence. They are awarded rewards and scholarships. Their problems have, to some extent, been removed.

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