The Moon Paragraph Writing

The Moon Paragraph Writing Hints: Intoduction-moon seen at night-look, distance,satellite-no night-dark spot-full moon-amabasya-attracts the earth- tide and job-no air in the moon-conquered in 1969-moonlight cool-conclusion.

The Moon

The moon is the queen of light. It is seen after the sunset. During the day the light of the sun hides the moon. So it can be seen in the sky only at night. The moon looks like a silver disc. It is over two lakh miles away from the earth. The moon is the only satellite of the earth. It moves around the earth. The moon has no light of its own. The lighjt of the sun falls on the moon. So we can see it. There are dark spots on the moon. They are nothing but caves where the sunlight cannot get into. Sometimes we see the moon quite round and then it shines brightly on the earth. We call it at all. The moon attracts the earth. Due to this attraction tide and ebb occur in the earth. There is no air in the moon. In 1969 man landed on the moon and created history in spacecraft. The moonlight is mellow, cool, soft, and pleasant. A walk on a moonlit night is very charming. The moon is very favorite to poets, women, and children.

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