The River Paragraph Writing

The River Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction- natural highway for water-origin-journey-civilization started on river bank-Mahenjodaro, Egyptian civilisation-use-fertilize-the soil- useful for irrigation-means of transport-hydroelectric-water-danger of flood.

The River

Rivers are valuable wealth of a nation. They are the natural highways through which water from the earth is drained to seas. Rainwater or melted snow rushes down the mountain. Next, it enters the plain and flows down the slopes and becomes winder in its onward march to the sea. Small rivers falling into bigger ones are called tributaries. All the countries have their river system. Without rivers, the earth would not have been worth living. Human civilization would not have begun. All ancient civilizations grew on the banks of rivers. So we find Mahenjodaro on the bank of the sind and Egyptian civilization of the Nile. Rivers are of great use.They fertilize the soil. They are useful for irrigation which turns the barren land into a yielding one. Rivers are cheap and easy means of transport. Cities and towns come up on the bank of rivers. Swift currents of the rivers in hilly areas are the source of hydroelectric power. The only danger that river poses to us is flood during the rainy season.

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