The School Library Paragraph Writing

The School Library Paragraph Writing Hint: introduction-import part of school- textbooks not enough- books of various subjects arrangement-widens knowledge and mind-meets mighty mind-periodicals, journals for world news- a delight in distress – a friend.

The School Library

The library is a storehouse of knowledge. It is part and parcel of a school. A good school cannot run without a library. The textbooks alone cannot supply sufficient mental food to the students. So they must read some reference books to increase their knowledge. They will help the students to get good marks in the exams. Books on various subjects are kept in the school library. The books are arranged in order of subjects on the selves. To borrow books a student must write on a slip the name and number of the books he wants. The librarian or a teacher in charge makes the book available to the student in no time. Here they come close to the mighty minds of the past. The book delights all. The library makes the students think the most. It gives them a world of wit and wisdom. Here they feel how little they have read and how much more they have to read.

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