The School Magazine Paragraph Writing

The School Magazine Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction – published annually- Articles invited- The Editors- Advantages- To study on a topic – A link between the past and present student- A sense of pride- Traning ground for many budding authors.

The School Magazine

The school magazine plays an important part in school life. It is generally published annually or in alternate years. The students and the teachers write in this magazine. Articles are invited from the students. They are edited is always chosen from among the students. The magazine contains articles like poems, stories, essays, drawings, etc of the students. The magazine helps the students express their feelings and thoughts. It increases the power of imagination and develops the creative powers of the students. It makes them read a lot on a topic to write about. It is a training ground for literary talent. It is the stepping stone for the future writers. The students feel proud and happy when they see their writings in print. All writers begin writing in the school magazine.

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