The Teacher’s Day Paragraph Writing

The Teacher’s Day Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction (5th Sept.)-birthday of Radhakrishnan a teacher, philosopher a professor, vice chancellor, President-respected by all-class, not held, so students hold class-school decorated function-football match-teachers bless-students show respect.

The Teacher’s Day

The Fifth Day September Is Observed As Teachers Day Throughout The Country. This Is The Birthday Of Dr. Radhakrisnan Was A Great Teacher And Thinker. The Nation Pays For Him.he Became President Of India. He Was Loved And Respected By Indian People And Abroad For His Knowledge and Wisdom. Teachers and Students Enjoy This To Respect Dr. Radhakrishnan. Classes are not usually held On This Day. The Senior Students Take To Teaching Their Junior Classe . The Students Decorate The Rooms And Welcome Their Teacher With Garland And Flowers. The Boys School Generally Hold An Exhibition Football Between The Teachers And The Students Everybody Enjoy The Game. The Teacher Are Pleased At Whatever The Student Do For Them. The Teacher blesses their Students to be Successful In Life. Thus the teacher’s Day Is Observed By The Students To Expres Their Love, Respect, And Gratitude For Their Teachers. It Is A Grand Occasion To Bring About Student And Teacher Relation Closer And Sweater.

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