Use Of Holidays Paragraph Writing

Use Of Holidays Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction Relief Form Work Necessary For Mind-rest Not Idleness Holidays Utilised-read Books, Visit Places, Campaign Against Illiteracy, Tree Plantation, Games And Sports, Picnic, Tourist Spots- Makes Us Cheerful, Energetic.

Use Of Holidays

Holidays Are Days Of Rest. If A Man Works Without Rest His Body Is Bound To Break Down. Leisure Is, Therefore, Necessary To Refresh Our Mind. During Holidays We Should Engage Ourselves In Recreation Which We Cannot Do In Our Working Days. We Should Make A Well-planned Programme To Spend The Holidays. This Time We Must Read Some Books Other Than Our Text Books. Some Of Us Can Visit Places. Of Interest. They May Visit Hills Or Seas. Visiting Of A New Place Is Pleasant To All. We May Also Visit The House Of Our Relatives And Friends. We May Carry Out A Campaign Against Illiteracy Or Take Up Plantation Programme. We Can Also Do Some Social Or Relief Work During Long Vacation. We May Run A Cultural Programme Too. We May Also Indulge In Games And Sports And Invite Teams To Play With Us. We May Also Organise Picnic Parties Or A Short Visit To A Nearest Tourist Spot And Keep Us Cheerful For Many Days. It Gives Us Energy To Do Our Regular Duty.

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