Use Of Leisure Paragraph Writing

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Use Of Leisure Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction (Rest From Work)-time To Stand And Stare Hard Work-red-rest Necessary Refresh Mind And Body Used In Various Ways Pursue Hobby Social Work-misuse Utility Fruitfully.

Use Of Leisure

Leisure Means Rest From Work. It Is Our Pleasure. It Is Our Freedom. It Is Essential For A Man Tired Of Work. It Is The Time To Stand And Stare. Modern Life Is Full Of Cares And Worries. A Man Has To Work Hard To Succeed In Life. Naturally, He Sometimes Feels Tired Physically And Mentally. He Needs Rest To Make Himself Fit For The Next Item Of Work. Leisure Provides Us With Respite. It Refreshes Our Tired Body And Mind. It Gives Us New Energy. Leisure Can Be Used In Various Ways. Some Utilise It In Reading Books. Some Go Out On A Trip. Many Others Enjoy Theatre Or Cinema. The Best Way To Pass Leisure Is To Pursue A Hobby Like Painting. Gardening, Etc. We Can Use It In Doing Some Social Work Also. But Most Men Misuse Leisure. They Spend Their Time In Idle Gossiping, Playing Cards, Gambling Or Aimlessly Wandering About. Leisure Does Not Mean Idleness. It Is Not Supposed To Be The Waste Of Time. It Is A Privilege. It Must Be Utilised Fruitfully.

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