Visit To A Book Fair Paragraph Writing

Visit To A Book Fair Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-site-stalls and decoration opportunity of choice-display of books-crowd of book-lovers, publishers display-evening scene children’s book-temptation to buy a lot.

Visit To A Book Fair

A book fair is a feast of books- a book-lovers’ paradise. It is now annually held in towns and cities. Hundreds of stalls are set up in an enclosed area. The stalls stand in rows. They are nicely designed and decorated with books to attract the buyers. There are books on all subjects for all classes of people. Books are here open to be seen, read or skimmed (falen). The book-lovers crowd here to see, touch and buy or browse (c) the books of their choice. Publishers of India and abroad display their books not for sale alone. They show their books for future sale. In the evening the fair ground turns to a fairyland. A crowd of mothers and children with colourful dresses gives the fair a festive look. The fair creates a taste for books. The children are the best buyers. Children’s books are sold like hot cakes. The beautiful get-up, pictures and print of the books tempt the buyers. The fair creats interest of man in reading. There are books for everybody to suit his pocket and taste.

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