Visit To A Circus Paragraph Writing

Visit To A Circus Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-place-tent decorated-show started with dance-dance on rope-cycling on a wire-motor bike round ring-tossing color ball on a ladder-clown-elephants, horses showed game-monkeys acted-tiger game-end-return.

Visit To A Circus

A circus shows amusing tricks by man and animals. One afternoon I went to a South Indian circus at Park Circus with my younger sister. The tent was decorated and brightly lit up. The show began with the dance by some young girls. They were clad in colourful skirts. They walked, ran and danced on a rope. We saw cycling by a girl on the wire with an open umbrella in her hand. When the girls were gone a man started riding motor bike round the ring at a great speed. Next a girl went up a tall ladder and stood there tossing, coloured wooden balls. There was a clown who often repeated this show in a manner that made us laugh. Then came the animals. Some elephants showed some tricks. They stood on their hind legs. We saw a show of monkeys acting like men, sitting on a cycle. Last of all, came the ring master with two tigers and a whip in his hand. They obeyed the master and acted like pet dogs. The show ended at 8 p.m. We walked home talking about the tricks we had seen.

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