Visit To A Museum Paragraph Writing

Visit To A Museum Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction visited Kolkata Museum-housed in a big building several galleries-pre- historic arms, coins of different age, statues zoological gallery-mummy ancient pots-store house of knowledge educative value.

Visit To A Museum

The museum is a store-house of ancient articles. The museum is housed in a big building. Ancient articles are kept carefully. We visited the galleries where the arms of the pre-historic ages have been kept. We saw gold, silver and copper coins of various sizes and ages. We saw old images of Hindu gods made during different rules of India. The bronze statue of Buddha impressed me most. In the zoological galleries we saw skeletons of animals. Some of them were the animals of pre-historic period. The models of dinosours, crocodiles and elephants impressed me. We saw a mummy thousands of years old. I was struck with wonder. We visited the gallery where pots of distant past are kept. The attractive pots of various designs belonged to different period of history. The ancient articles took me back to the past. The museum educates the students of different disciplines-history, geography, arts and crafts. The visit was an education by itself.

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