Visit To A Village Fair Pargraph Writing

Hints: Introduction place, time, spot-sea of people-temporary stalls various articles handloom stalls-sweatmeat shops–other stalls-merry go round-circus show-people from distant villages relief to the villagers a festival.

Visit To A Village

The villagers have a great attraction to the fair. Once I visited a village fair near Jhargram. It sat in a wide open ground. When I reached there I saw a sea of human heads. Hundreds of temporary stalls were set up at the site. The stalls offered to sell almost all the articles we need in our daily life. There were earthen pots, pans, pitchers, baskets, toys, dolls, women’s luxury in the fair. There were some handloom stalls. They attracted the women most. Sweetmeat stalls were offering mouth watering items. The grown-ups crowded in front of the stationery shops. The children gathered round the toyshops and balloon-sellers. There was a merry-go- round in a corner of the fair. A great number of children had a ride on the wooden horses. However, the main attraction was the circus-show. The people came from distant villages. They were in their best dresses. The fair brought the villagers joy and relief from their dull life. The village fair is a festival to the village people.

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