Visit To A Zoo Paragraph Writing

Visit To A Zoo Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction date ticket-birds–reptiles giraffe, zebra, etc-elephant-lion-roar- tiger-finished at sunset.

Visit To A Zoo

The zoo is a garden for birds and animals. On the first day of January, I went to visit the zoo at Alipore by bus. At the gate we were on a long line to buy tickets to get into the zoo, Inside the gate we were in a different world. First we saw beautiful birds of various colours. They were chirping, twittering and flying here and there in the cage. Then we saw the snakes of various sizes. Next we saw the giraffe, zebra, bison and many other animals one by one. We saw various kinds of deer. The elephants pleased us with a salute with their trunks. Next we moved towards the lions’ cage. We saw both the lion and lioness lie basking in the sun. The lion seemed to have been disturbed by our presence Soon it gave an angry roar which echoed through the garden. Lastly we paid a visit to the tigers cage. The magnificient animal was pacing up and down with proud steps. I was really charmed at the royal look and light steps of this smart animal.

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