Winter Paragraph Writing

Winter Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-December to February cold wind, snow, fog bright sun, pleasant basking poor suffer harvesting time-time of flowers, fruits, fairs, functions, festivals, feasts-picnic, circus, Christmas trips and tour-coming of spring.


Winter is the coldest season of the year. It lasts from December to January and lingers up to February. It is the season of snow, sneezes and cold. A cool wind comes from the north now. The morning sun is sometimes late to rise as it remains hidden in the heavy fog. It snows in some hilly areas. But the sun also shines very bright in the sky. Basking in the sun in this season is a common sight. People now need warm clothes on their persons. The poor are the worst sufferers. Winter is free from rain, disease and flood. We get better supplies of fish, fruit and vegetables in winter. Winter is the harvesting time of the farmers. It is the time to cash their crops and earn some money. Nature now bears beautiful flowers and fruits. Winter is, in fact, a season of flowers and fruits, fairs and functions, festivals and feasts. It is the time to enjoy the picnic, circus and seminars. Christmas comes in this season. It is the time for trips, tour or travel. The end of winter announces the advent of the best of times-spring.

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