A Street Accident Paragraph Writing

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A Street Accident Paragraph Writing Hints: introduction of accidents-who suffers witness an accident-time-place-situation of the road-how the accident happened-traffic halt-police arrived-victims hospitalised conclusion.

A Street Accident

Road accidents are very frequent in big cities. Heavy traffic, rash driving, failure of brakes of the cars, and violation of traffic rules are the causes of street accidents. Cyclists, scooterists, and streetwalkers are the worst sufferers of such accidents. 1 witnessed a tragic accident last month while I was going to my uncle’s house. I was waiting near NRS hospital. I saw an unending stream of buses, taxis, and scooters. A matador was trying to overtake a tram and knocked down a scooterist coming from the opposite direction. The scooterist fell down with a severe head injury. He was bleeding badly. The traffic came to a halt. The people around shouted both in horror and anger. The matador driver stopped his car. The people were about to beat him. But soon the police came and placed the driver under arrest. The scooterist was immediately admitted to the hospital in critical condition. After some time I boarded a bus with a heavy heart. The memory of the scene followed me.

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