Life Of A Farmer Paragraph Writing

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Life Of A Farmer Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-useful Person-feed The Nation-work Hard In All Seasons-flood, Famine, Pest To Destroy Crops Depends On Goed Harvest-illiterate Lack Of Treatment, Sanitation, Home-honest, Simple-govt. Action.

Life Of A Farmer

The Farmer Is The Most Important Person In Our Agricultural Country. He Grows Food For The Whole Nation. He Works Very Hard To Feed The People.but The Life Of A Farmer Is Not An Easy One. He Has To Toil In Great Heat And Cold. From Dawn To Dusk He Has To Work In The Field. He Has To Face Flood Or Drought. There May Appear Pests To Spoil His Crops. He Earns His Livelihood From The Crops He Produces. If The Harvest Is Plentiful He Is Happy. But If The Crop Fails He Has To Live In Misery. Sometimes Higher Production Causes Fall Of Price Of Crops And A Loss To The Farmers. The Farmers Of Our Country Are Generally Illiterate Or Little Learned. They Are Deprived Of Proper Medical Care, Good Sanitation And Suitable Living. Generally A Farmer Is Simple, Honest And Hard-working. He Feeds And Clothes The People But He Himself Remains Half-fed And Unclothed. Many Of The Farmers Are An Unhappy Lot. The Government Try To Help Them. But Only A Few Of Them Can Get The Benefit.

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