Punctuality Paragraph Writing

Punctuality Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction (Means Doing Thing Right Time)-great Value-good Habit-lot Of Works In Limited Time-helps To Gain Success-punctual Man Respected-soul Of Business Inconvenience To The People For Unpunctuality-unpunctual Boy Comes Late In Class-napoleon Lost A Battle-nature Is Punctual.


Punctuality Means Doing A Thing In The Right Time. It Is Of Great Value In Everyday Life. It Is A Good Habit. It Saves Much Of Our Time. Time Is Life Itself. A Punctual Man Is Treated With Respect. He Does Not Cause Inconvenience To Others. He Is Taken As A Responsible And Respectable Person. Men Have Faith In Such A Person. Punctuality Is The Soul Of Business. A Merchant Who Is Not Particular In Keeping His Appointments, Cannot Command The Respect Of His Customers. His Business Suffers. A Punctual Boy Comes To His Class In Time, Takes His Seat In The Front Bench, Can Listen To His Teachers Attentively. To The Contrary If A Man Is Unpunctual, He Reaches The Station Too Late. He Misses The Train. He Loses His Purpose. His Work Is Not Done. It Is Said That Napoleon Lost The Battle Of Waterloo Because His General Was A Bit Late In Reaching The Field.. Nature Is Always Punctual. The Sun Rises And Sets In The Right Moments. We Must Keep To The Correct Time. Nelson Said That His Success Was Mainly Due To His Punctuality.

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