Obedience Paragraph Writing

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Obedience Paragraph Writing Points: Introduction (Doing What Are Told)-submission To Rules-healthy Frame Of Mind-necessary For Progress Obey Parents For Welfare-obey Teachers To Learn-obey The Laws Of The Country Disobeying Brings Failure-no Shame In Obedience Not Slavery-virtue Students Should Learn It.


Obedience Is Doing What We Are Told To Do. It Means Obeying Other’s Order. It Is Submission To Rules. It Is A Healthy Frame Of Mind. Obedience Is Born Of Man’s Love Of Social Life. Without Obedience There Cannot Be Any Progress Or Success, Obedience To Our Parents Help Us To Prosper In Life. We Should Do Whatever They Bid Us To Do. Because They Always Want Our Good And Welfare. We Should Obey Our Teachers To Get Their Teaching And Blessing. We Live In Society. So We Must Obey The Laws Of Society To Live Peacefully. Disobedience To The Teachers Leads To Academic Failure. If People Disobey The Laws Of The Country There Will Be Disorder And Destruction Of The Country. Absence Of Obedience In Army May Result In Break Down Of Defence. Obedience Is Not Slavery. It Is No Shame To Obey The Superiors. Civilised Persons Are All Obedient. It Is A Great Virtue. Students Must Learn Obedience From Early Life. From Obedience Springs All Other Virtues.

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