The School Sports Paragraph Writing

The School Sports Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-Games and sports included in curricula- Sports held annually in the school-Events of sports-Croweds of people- It encourages students- Announcess close- Benefit of sports.

The School Sports

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. So games and sports are now practiced as a subject in the school. There is a games teacher in every school. He helps and encourages every student to take part in sports. The school; holds annual sports during winter every year. Students enlist their names as competitors. The sports ground is marked out for different items. The sports events include different items like a 100-meter flat race, 50-meter hurdle race, high and long jump, Pole vault, shot-put, etc. These are mainly meant for trial of strength and speed of mind. The annual sports attract a crowd of students and guardians. The winners get the prizes with delight. After the sports, the headmaster encourages the competitors to do better the next time and announces the close of the sports. Sports make a student physically fit and mentally alert. A competition may be lost or won. But students must take victory and defeat in a sportsmanly spirit. It is the sport that counts, not the score.

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