Students And Social Service Paragraph Writing

Students And Social Service Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction (Social being)-society gives everything they should do for society-duty, part of education-students for education of poor illiterate-night classes in village-help the sick, raise funds, repair roads, etc.-creates fellow feeling.

Students And Social Service

Students are social being. They cannot live alone. Our society pays for all possible means for their progress. Love, care, cooperation, sympathy, everything of the society are given to the students for their success. Students should also have duties towards society. They should do some social work. Social service is an important part of education. Students are generally energetic. If their energy is used properly, it may lead to a flood of fortune. Students can join the activities like literacy campaign, pollution control, or tree plantation programe. Students can start night classes in some slum areas. During their long vacation, students may go out in groups to teach the poor people. They can help people during the flood and famine. They can raise funds to help the flood victims. They can repair roads, and clean tanks. Social service creates fellow feeling. It is an ideal education through work. It is learning while working. It enlarges the sutdents’ sense of value and their vision.

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