The Kind Sun Paragraph Writing

The Kind Sun Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction- father of the earth-very old-source of heat and light-provides solar energy-life impossible without sun- sun rays kill germs- owe our existence-worshipped in many countries- the sun gives beautiful objects of nature- people pray to the sun .

The Kind Sun

The sun is in the center of the solar system. It is said that the earth was born out of the sun. So the sun is the father of the earth. Nobody knows when and how the sun comes into being. The sun is the source of heat and light of the earth. The sun provides us with the solar energy. It is the easiest source of energy. It is not possible to live on the earth without the sun. The earth would have been frozen and there would have been no life on this planet without the sun. The rays of the sun kill harmful germs. We owe our existence to the sun. So the sun is worshipped as God in many countries. Our earth abounds in many beautiful objects of nature- rains, plants, trees, flowers, and fruits. All these are gifts of the sun. In some hot countries, the sun seems to be cruel. In India many people start the day with the prayer to the morning sun.

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