Fire Paragraph Writing

Fire Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction beyond control causes loss an incident in the neighbourhood-hot weather- night-heard a shout-smoke coming fire brigade reached-crowd of people some throwing water some entered to bring inmates out-fire controlled.


Fire is a good servant but a bad master. It is of great use to the mankind. But if it goes beyond control it can destroy life and property. I recall a fire that took place in our neighbourhood. It was during the last summer. We were vainly trying for a sleep. Suddenly I heard a hue and cry and soon shouts of ‘Fire! Fire!’ rushed out of my room and found clouds of smoke coming from a house in our area. The firemen reached the spot in no time. Soon I reached the scene of fire. I found a quite big crowd already there. But most of them were onlookers. Some of the people were trying hard to put out the fire by throwing water. The children of the house were out. But the owner of the house and his wife were still inside. They were trying to save some valuables. Then some people entered the house from backside and brought them out. In the meantime two more fire engines arrived. The firemen tried their best to control the fire. It took full two hours to bring the fire under control.

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