A Football Match Paragraph Writing

A Football Match Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction exciting game watched a match-huge gathering-toss-match started ball from man to man passing, dribbling, shooting goal saved-half time-again started-trying to score a goal- at last goal-claps, cheers-end.

A Football Match

Football is popular in Bengal. It is an exciting game in the world of sports. Once I went to watch an interesting match. The match was being played between Vivekananda Sangha and Netaji Club at our school ground. There was a huge gathering round the field. The match started at 4 o’clock. Vivekananda Sangha won the toss. The match started. The ball went from man to man. The players were now passing, now dribbling, now shooting hard low or high overhead. In the first half Sangha team was dominating the field. Netaji Club goalkeeper saved some dangerous shots. The half- time came. The teams started the match in full spirit. Netaji Club was fairly roused. They gave the opponent no rest. Each side was trying its best to score a goal. Now, just at the end of the game, Vivekananda Sangha’s side half took the ball to the side of Netaji Club and gave a pass to the right out who kicked the ball straight into the net. There were cheers all around. Vivekananda Sangha won the match by one goal to nil.

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