Air Pollution Paragraph Writing

Air Pollution Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-great Problem-dreadful Situation-cause-industrialization-mills, Factories, Cars, Burning Of Coal, Nuclear Explosion, Felling Of Trees-effect Lung Disease-solution-use Of Coal, Old Cars Banned-nuclear Explosions Stop-plant Trees.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution Is A Curse (Fe) Of The Modern Age. It Is A Great Problem All Over The World. Of Late It Has Atttained A Dreadful Situation. The Main Reason Behind The Air Pollution Is Over-industrialization. In Modern Times Countless Mills And Factories Have Grown Up In The Country. All These Mills And Factories Give Out Huge Quantities of Smoke. Vehicles plying on the road fly dirt and emit poisonous gases. A lot of coal is burnt in thermal stations and household purposes. Thus a large quantity of gases and smoke is thrown out in the air. Smoke containing carbon dioxide causes air pollution. Besides, industries contribute to global warming. Thoughtless felling of trees upset the eco-balance of air. As a result people suffer form several lung and heart diseases. People of the cities are the worst sufferes. Air pollution must be checked to save human population. Use of old cars must be banned. More and more trees must be planted to keep the air pure.

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