Physical Exercise Paragraph Writing

Physical Exercise Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-source of happiness between body and mind-healthy body for intellect and wisdom-physical fitness and profession-water, air and food required exercise necessary-overexercise bad-negligency to studies and duties.

Physical Exercise


Health is wealth. It is the source of happiness. Physical exercise ensures physical fitness. Physical exercise makes us physically fit and mentally alert. A healthy body is necessary for the development of the intellect and wisdom. A mind can never be healthy if the body is sick. So every man must exercise to maintain good health. It will make him physically fit. Man cannot buy physical fitness for any amount of money. He must follow certain rules and lead a disciplined life. Nowadays physical fitness and some profession are directly related. For, modelling has become a paying profes- sion in the commercial world. A physically fit man can get a job in various defence service. In order to have good health we require pure air, water and good food. Exercise is necessary to digest food. This will help us to have good health and live a long life. But over-exercise or improper exercise will tell upon our health and mental growth. Lastly, physical exercise has a bad tendency to neglet studies.

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