Price Rise Paragraph Writing

Price Rise Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-the poor are sufferers-causes-artificial shortage of commodities, hoarding, growth of population, fall in food supply-politicians’ exploitation effect-starvation-To check-adequate food stock, fair distribution, fix price-strict laws to punish hoarders, industry, employment.

Price Rise

Price rise is a world-wide problem. The poor are the worst sufferers of this problem. Prices in our country have been rapidly rising during the last three decades. The main cause behind the problem is the growth of population at a galloping rate and fall in production of essential supply. Rise of oil price in the International market, increased defense budget and corruption are also the causes of price rise. Besides, hoarding of food and goods by the dishonest traders to make more profit is also the cause of price rise. Politicians too help the exploitation of the situation for their selfish ends. The common people are suffering greatly due to the rise of price of the essential commodities. To check the price rise, the government should build an adequate food stock. They must open fair price shops throughout the country. Strict laws must be imposed to punish profiteers. The Government should take step to increase industry so that the poor can earn their living.

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