The Earthquake Paragraph Writing

The Earthquake Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction-violent shaking of earth-short duration-all are not harmful-severe quake damage life and property-some caused by volcanic explosion-Japan, Peru, etc. earthquake zone- Gujarat quake-future control.

The Earthquake

An earthquake is a sudden dreadful disaster. It is a sudden violent shaking of the earth’s surface. Usually earthquake takes place for a very short time. But within that short time it can destroy a whole town or a city. Science has not yet been able to predict and take protective measures before its occurrence. All earthquakes are not equally harmful. Most of the earthquakes are so gentle that they pass unnoticed. But some of them take their toll in a large number of lives and properties. It pulls down highrises, uproots the trees, collapses the bridges. It causes big cracks on the grounds. Some of the earthquakes are caused by the volcanic explosion. During such earthquakes molten lava rushes out and floods the entire region. Japan, Peru, Italy, etc. are known as earthquake-prone zones. In India horror of Gujarat earthquake in 2001 is still green in our mind. Let us hope that a time will come soon when science will be able to forecast, stop or control the occurrence of an earthquake.

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