Drought Paragraph Writing

Drought Paragraph Writing Hints: Introduction ponds, rivers dry in summer-no rain-drought-agriculture affected-drinking water scarce domestic animals die longer periods bring famine-government action-store foodgrain-irrigation.


Drought means lack of rain. It is the opposite condition of flood. The furious summer sun dries up wells, ponds and rivers. After the hot and sultry summer rain brings the welcoming relief. But the problem starts when there is no rain for a long spell. The wells, ponds, lakes, rivers all dry up. Agriculture is affected badly. Most of the farmers in our country depend on rain water. They helplessly pray for rain. As the sources of water are all dried up, drinking water becomes scarce. People face a great problem to keep the domestic animals alive. Drought affects the economy of the village. The longer periods of drought bring famine. We are still helpless against such natural calamity. Yet, our government has taken some steps to fight such situation. Crops are stored in large quantity during seasons. If any part of the country faces drought, the governmnet helps the drought victims with stored foodgrains. More lands are being brought under irrigation.

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